Can you get
Full Fibre

Welcome to Fibreconnect, ultrafast and reliable broadband from the North East for the North East!

Our network coverage is growing rapidly, enter your postcode below to check for availability.

Why choose Fibreconnect Broadband?

Faster internet speeds with lightning fast downloads.

Download time is significantly reduced using our full fibre service, cloud services will be quicker and more responsive, your time will be more productive. With less buffering!

Upload Speeds

No waiting around! Fast upload speeds for those large files.

Our upload speeds are greater than traditional broadband services, you'll be able to send information to cloud services quicker, upload videos in a snap and send documents to cloud storage much faster.

Unleash your

Do more with your connection.

The extra bandwidth available make the service ideal for using VoIP (IP telephones) and HD video conferencing, as well as Ultra HD video streaming across multiple devices at the same time.

Reliable Fibre
Optic service
that just works

No more drop-outs or disconnections with true full fibre.

Our full fibre service uses the latest fibre optic technology direct to your premise rather than dated copper cabling which can suffer from degraded service due to line length and quality. We simply don't have those issues.