What is Fibreconnect?

Fibreconnect is an ultrafast full fibre broadband service from Wildcard Networks, supplying businesses and residents with rocket speed, affordable and reliable broadband via fibre optic cable directly to your premises.

How does Fibreconnect work?

Unlike some so called fibre broadband services where the last leg of the connection to your property is delivered over slower aging copper cabling, we deliver scalable, and reliable full fibre broadband all the way to your property.

Our fibre optic cables are installed in existing ducts where we can, this means we minimise disruption and deliver services as quickly as possible.

Connected to our street cabs

The fibre optic cabling serving your property links back to our nearest full fibre street-side cabinet.

This box of tricks contains the latest GPON technology providing ultra fast speeds to your local area. The cabinet is connected to our core network using high-capacity fibre optic links. Being fibre optic, we can quickly and easily scale capacity to your area based on demand avoiding any nasty slowdowns.

Hooking you up with full fibre

Welcome to the future - Once connected to our full fibre network you will experience reliable ultrafast speeds.

Technology moves at blazing speeds, and utilising a fibre solutions ensures your internet connection can keep up with the extra demands of a connected world.

All this from an North East Internet provider, with local support when you need it.