Rocket speed Internet with lightning fast downloads

Download time is significantly reduced using our full fibre service, cloud services will be quicker and more responsive, less buffering and your time will be more productive.

Fast upload speeds

Our upload speeds are greater than traditional broadband services, you’ll be able to send information to cloud services quicker, and send files/documents to cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox much faster.

fault fix

We know how important the Internet is to you. That’s why we will gurantee to get you back online within 4 business hours.

A more reliable service

Our full fibre service uses fibre optic technology direct to your premise rather than dated copper cabling which typically suffered from degraded service due to line length or line-quality. We don’t have those issues.

No call centres!

Feel free to call us and speak directly to our expert support team on 0333 344 90 95 based on Newcastle upon Tyne. Alternatively, you can reach us via email on